Quality is one of the most important basis Tome alive with, and we believe consistent quality as well as the satisfying service value everything to our customers.
Today, in Tome, under the instructions of ISO 9000, we separate our work flow info each step, and each of our staffs are required to do the same performance as per the rules of our ISO Documents. In this way, we could offer almost same work performance to each customers, and all our customers could enjoy the same service under high performance rate.
While on quality control, we have four big work flows to control the every detail for each order:
Technical data exchange
Sample confirmation
Middle test report
Final end products checking
In Technical data exchange flow, our international salesman was required to transfer each detailed technical data of the product to our engineering teams. After all the necessary info was completed, our engineering teams could start with the sample making. Each stage of the sample production should be discussed and reconfirmed, and then everything goes on further.
In Sample confirmation process, our engineering team will discuss with our international salesman to check whether the sample could realize each function it should do. Then our engineering team will provide their sample test report for salesman to pass to the customer. Once the sample was confirmed, the mass production could begin.
During Middle test report flow, our quality control people will went to the workshop, test the material, and adjust the measuring equipment and some facilities to check the dimension and other quality status of our products. In the meantime, our salesman will report you the production status of your running order in the middle production.
In Final end products checking process, our quality control man will check the final quality status, including packing, dimension and other mechanical capacities for the mass production. The goods could not be sent out only after their confirmation.
With all above four flows, we guarantee our quality, and win our business.


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