All of TOME railing parts has been developed from rigorous testing under the harshest of conditions, proven on a various projects. High quality assured by TQM system throughout the company.

Quality control are performed throughout the whole manufacturing, packing and logistic process. For investment casting, we screen the raw materials and melted by the US/VIP High Frequency Induction furnace and analyze the chemical elements concentration of the alloy with spark spectrometer testing before casting. After casting and heat treatment we continue testing by metallurgical microstructure analysis, as well as checking tensile, impact strength and surface hardness by physical test.

TOME offers coordinate measuring machine(CMM), profile projector for dimension checking. The MIL-STD-105E AQL, will be performed by higher level condition to get more accurate size and quality consistency. The qualifying fixtures also have been prepared in every machining process for 100% quality inspection.

We spent about 5% of our sales on R&D and quality improvement projects, seeking to identify, develop new and improved technologies and method to meet the evolving need of our clients.